What is SquintScope

What is SquintScope® ?

SquintScope® is an oblique periscope which displays a cartoon inside to control eye fixation. When used in the ophthalmologist clinic, SquintScope® facilitates more successful eye-examination in children.

Get children’s attention

The child watches a cartoon inside SquintScope® with one eye at a time, which enables the eye examination of the other eye. This increases the chance of a successful eye-examination in 2-6 years-children at first visit to the doctors office.

Get children’s attention with SquintScope
Improves the experience

Improve the experience

SquintScope® may save time for the ophthalmologist; enables eye-examination of increased detail in children, and may improve the experience of visit to the eye-doctor for both child and family.

SquintScope® helps the doctor

Children with inward-squint (esotropia) may be difficult to examine, and the built-in prism in SquintScope® straightens the other eye, which makes examination of this eye possible for the examiner.

SquintScope helps the doctor
Cartoons in SquintScope

Cartoons in SquintScope®

Children without squint will look to the side when wathcing cartoons in SquintScope®, but are also available for the doctor to examine.