Detailed information

Detailed information

SquintScope® possibilities

SquintScope® allows for examination of the childrens eyes with different ophthalmic devices:

  • Handheld and table mounted slitlamp
  • Icare tonometer
  • Direct or indirect ophthalmoscopy
  • Retinoscopy
  • OCT scans
  • Fundus photography

Other applications:
SquintScope® has been used as fixation control in adult mentally retarded patients to enable eye examination and treatment with YAG laser capsulotomy for cataracta secundaria.

Successful use of SquintScope®

In the waiting room:
Greet the child in the waiting room and let it watch cartoons with SquintScope® while waiting for his/her appointment.

In the clinic:
The child brings SquintScope® into the examination room, and a small conversation about the cartoon can be held.

The doctor asks the child:

  • Who is in the cartoon?
  • What is Pingu doing?
  • Who is coming for the birthday party?
  • Is it cold for the penguin to stand on the ice in bare feet?

Try SquintScope® if you have ever:

  • Had difficulty performing a full eye examination in 2-6 year-old child
  • Had children not wanting or been unable to sit still during the eye-examination
  • Only been able to examine one eye of a child
  • Seen a child’s retina only “in a glimpse”
  • Wished to be able to make an OCT scan of the 3-year-old
  • Wished to have a photo of retina or the optic nerve in the 3-year-old
  • Had difficulty examining a child with large angle esotropia
  • Found that the child had to return several times to the eye-clinic before the desired
    examinations were fulfilled
  • Wished it was be possible to perform an eye-examination in a child this is of the quality as in an adult
  • (Almost) wished that no children would come to your clinic today